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OPCCA and OPCYA Executives Condemn Constitutional Changes
September 19, 2013


September 19th, 2013

The following is a joint statement from the OPCCA and OPCYA Executives:

We, the executives of the Ontario PC Campus Association and the Ontario PC Youth Association, are disturbed by a number of changes to the PC Party Constitution brought forward at this weekend’s Policy Convention.

In particular, the amendments to change section 9.11 and add section 24.3 to the constitution are of great concern as they are undemocratic, ignoble and anti-youth.

The first amendment kicks young people off of the party executive who happen to work for the party as an intern, staffer or operative, regardless if they were democratically elected.

The second amendment changes conditions for a leadership review, silencing any youth input in the ordering of a leadership contest by resting power in the hands of a small minority of riding presidents.

This is unacceptable. In a party that prides itself on political participation and claims to value its members, it is saddening to see amendments that disenfranchise young conservatives in a time where we need more help than ever in the lead up to the next provincial election.

But it is even worse that these changes are the antithesis of the fairness and democracy needed for a true member-based political party.

It is wrong. It is unconservative.

We urge all members of OPCCA, the OPCYA and the PC Party at large to VOTE NO to both amendments.

For more information please contact:

Stuart Clark | President | Ontario PC Campus Association | ontariopccampusassociation@gmail.com

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